Hi! I'm a taxidermist.
To me, Nature is God. Without it, we simply would not exist. Conserving the world’s natural spaces and the creatures that live there is paramount to the survival of humans as a species, and I have therefore dedicated my life to studying environmentalism in order to help people co-exist more successfully and sustainably with the natural world.

All natural materials I use in my creations are either sourced from roadkill, Fish and Game, secondhand sources such as fellow artists and estate sales, or are antique. In this way, I'm ensuring that no animals were needlessly killed for the sake of the artwork I produce. I fully believe that no part of any creature should go to waste if a purpose can be found for it, but I do NOT support trophy hunters or overseas fur farms by buying 'byproducts' like bones, skulls, or claws directly from them. The only exception I make for this rule is for parts from animals legally culled for population control programs approved by Fish and Wildlife.

As a photographer and wildlife enthusiast, I've been involved with many fantastic organizations such as Images4Life and Wild Tiger, as well as the Sierra Club and many smaller, local groups.
I've been published, interviewed, and even featured on Rainn Wilson (Dwight from “The Office”)'s personal networking website, SoulPancake.com.

I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to visit many of the world’s most amazing wild places, like Komodo Island, Bali, Lombok, Malaysia, and the Cayman Islands, and have even documented entirely new species previously unknown to science.

Other interests include: Wilderness survival, primitive skills, backpacking, fishing, kayaking, boffing, airsoft, snowboarding, meandering around town, and caving.



Sam Summer’s stone cabin on South Island, New Zealand.
Contributed by Chris Menig.


Sam Summer’s stone cabin on South Island, New Zealand.

Contributed by Chris Menig.


This phenomenally talented Norseman right here just sent some beautiful designs my way to inspire me for when he comes to visit the Pacific Northwest (possibly) next summer. We’ve discussed doing a primitive-style tattoo session at one of my favorite hiking/camping/caving spots in Washington State as part of a documentary about primitive tattooing and its place in modern culture. 

Walrus and I have gone back and forth a bit about what kinds of designs we should do, and today, he shared with me an amazing and intimate collection of works he’s been building. The designs are based on Viking-age, Bronze-age, or even earlier European ornamentation, but aside from that, I’m keeping this under wraps. It’s a long ways off, but I’m super stoked about it! 

Plotting. Step 1.


2,200 miles? Challenge accepted.
Copious amounts of snacks and shit? No problem.

Throwback Thursday! Puppy Cabal during our trip to visit yellowtulipfinch and his lovely lady on Wallowa Lake.