Hi! I'm a taxidermist.
To me, Nature is God. Without it, we simply would not exist. Conserving the world’s natural spaces and the creatures that live there is paramount to the survival of humans as a species, and I have therefore dedicated my life to studying environmentalism in order to help people co-exist more successfully and sustainably with the natural world.

All natural materials I use in my creations are either sourced from roadkill, Fish and Game, secondhand sources such as fellow artists and estate sales, or are antique. In this way, I'm ensuring that no animals were needlessly killed for the sake of the artwork I produce. I fully believe that no part of any creature should go to waste if a purpose can be found for it, but I do NOT support trophy hunters or overseas fur farms by buying 'byproducts' like bones, skulls, or claws directly from them. The only exception I make for this rule is for parts from animals legally culled for population control programs approved by Fish and Wildlife.

As a photographer and wildlife enthusiast, I've been involved with many fantastic organizations such as Images4Life and Wild Tiger, as well as the Sierra Club and many smaller, local groups.
I've been published, interviewed, and even featured on Rainn Wilson (Dwight from “The Office”)'s personal networking website, SoulPancake.com.

I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to visit many of the world’s most amazing wild places, like Komodo Island, Bali, Lombok, Malaysia, and the Cayman Islands, and have even documented entirely new species previously unknown to science.

Other interests include: Wilderness survival, primitive skills, backpacking, fishing, kayaking, boffing, airsoft, snowboarding, meandering around town, and caving.


Another Change of Plans.

I’m buying a house.

Like, I’m actually getting a loan, buying a property, and paying off the mortgage over the next dozen years or so, while expanding my business and traveling occasionally when funds suffice. 

This means that I’m no longer looking for roommates with whom to split a rental property. But I am looking for someone who wants to rent a portion of my place to help cover the mortgage. 

So I’m looking at houses online and compiling a list of those which best suit my needs. Starting in June, I’ll be driving to those properties and checking them out for myself. By late July or early August, I’ll be a 21-year-old homeowner. 

I need a house with at least two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, laundry, and all the usual things that make for comfortable living. I’ll have a place to work from, separate from the house (like a shop or garage suited to my needs), and hopefully a bit of acreage so I can plant a garden and raise some animals for meat, eggs, and milk. 

I’m hoping to share this place with a person who can afford at least $400.00 in rent per month, who has stable income, and doesn’t mind sharing a home with a taxidermist. There will be animals everywhere - both alive and dead. The property will likely be in the country, so if you work in the city, expect a bit of a commute. 

Aside from that, you can expect life at my place to be pretty laid-back. You don’t need to help with the livestock and such unless you want to, and you don’t need to socialize with me unless you feel like it, but I do plan to dig a fire pit for parties, and will hopefully be teaching some classes on skinning, butchering, and tanning hides.

This whole plan is still in the process of coming together, but if you’re interested in renting a room from me at the new place in July/August, hit me up and we can talk about it. 

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